Social Investments

A social investment is the support of a project that has social returns. In the context of DLI's Opportunity for Change structure, we see each of our OFCs as having a significant return on the social investment. For example, by taking steps to reduce the achievement gap, the community benefits in a tremendous way through a more educated and engaged citizenry. A more educated society generates greater wealth in the community, reduces crime and allows for greater social mobility. DLI's social investments are linked to its strategy of capacity building and leadership development, because through these two avenues, social investments have a lasting return for the community, making such strategies sustainable and replicable.

Over the next three years, DLI will target the expansion and improvement of the quality of education and community-based health related services to families and children in underserved communities through the application of the following series of social investments in appropriate OFCs.

Virtually every key educational performance indicator today shows that, despite race or economic level...

From lack of health insurance to a deficit in the number of culturally and linguistically adequate...

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