Opportunities for change

To realize these two related goals, DLI focuses its work on identifying and capitalizing on various initiatives as an Opportunity for Change (OFC). Put simply, an Opportunity for Change is an issue area, such as addressing the achievement gap or combating childhood obesity, that has broad community support for improving upon the status quo. An OFC represents a movement towards bettering the community at large through coordinated action among multiple community players. The Diversity Leadership Institute has identified OFCs in both health and education, two issue areas which we believe are crucial for community advancement. In the area of education, our OFCs include parental choice and education programs, through our Latino Democrat Elected Officials program, and the expansion of the American Dream Academy model. Our current health OFCs include Promotores de Salud; ¡Mentes Sanas, Cuerpos Sanos!; and Family Olympics.

As a Hispanic-led organization, we are uniquely positioned to engage underserved communities in a linguistically- and culturally-appropriate way. We speak the language and understand the challenges these communities face, and are thus best suited to help communities realize their own potential.

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