"Promotores De Salud" – Lay Health Workers

The Need

The U.S Census Bureau reported in its Hispanics in the United States 2006 - Population Projection Study that Hispanics represent 16% of the total population or 47.8 million people in 2010. Furthermore, by the year 2050 the Hispanic population is projected to be at 102.6 million.

Although the Hispanic community represents the largest racial and ethnic minority in the United States, they are still facing a multitude of challenges that continue to affect their quality of life in this country. Probably the most alarming area is in the field of health. Hispanics are faced with many health challenges including the burden of chronic and infectious diseases and limited access to health care.

Poor health for the Hispanic community can be linked to many barriers within the health care system. Studies suggest that lack of health insurance, language, and citizenship are key barriers that prevent many Hispanics from accessing health care services and from receiving quality health care.

While Latinos are affected by a wide range of risk factors and diseases, nearly every health disparity they experience could be prevented or more effectively managed given timely access to health care.

The Need

DLI is committed to becoming part of the Community Health Worker solution to access for Latinos around the country that have little or no access to adequate healthcare. Specifically, DLI offers its expertise to assist communities in setting up Promotores de Salud training programs, as well as creating supportive health promotion and prevention programs and health marketing.

The Need

  • Training and Education
a. Training seminars
  • Virtual Learning
a. Virtual Courses
  • Information Dissemination
a. Educational materials
  • Coalition Building
a. Networking/Connecting people
b. Information sharing
c. Alliances

The Need

The Diversity Leadership Institute will develop a cadre of Promotores de Salud that will impact the community in a culturally and linguistically appropriate manner. These Promotores de Salud who often live in the community where they work, speak the language of the community residents, and are trusted by community members, are key players in health promotion and dissemination strategies that promote healthy lifestyles. They are effective in enrolling eligible but uninsured children into public health insurance programs, helping low income families connect uninsured children to the health care system and learn how to manage their diabetes, and promote healthy lifestyles.

Promotores de Salud have been successful in increasing access to adequate healthcare for many of this country’s most disenfranchised residents.

The Need

  1. Community Outreach:
  2. DLI connects underserved families and children with community-based organizations to increase involvement and self-awareness of the health risk factors that affect them.

  3. Leadership Development
  4. DLI’s Promotores de Salud program will work to train additional strategic Hispanic community-based leaders to serve as Lay Health Workers in their own neighborhoods equipping them with the tools necessary to provide health promotion and prevention services in a culturally and linguistically appropriate manner.

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