ELL Studio – Virtual Learning

The Need

Serious issues in our educational system are pervasive for the growing population of English Language Learners (ELLs).

  1. Rapid growth in the ELL population—between 1996 and 2006, the nation’s K-12 ELL population rose by over 60%.

  2. Inadequate attention to the unique needs of ELL students—Current policy and practice do not align with what the scientific research shows about the value of the home language in promoting ELLs' school success.

  3. Substantial and continuing achievement gap between ELL and non-ELL students—ELLs are not succeeding in school.

  4. Experienced teachers providing quality instruction to ELL students are scarce resources. —New teachers and teachers in the process of receiving their credential through intern or residency programs are placed disproportionately in schools and classrooms with large numbers of ELLs.
The Need

ELL Studio is an educational service offered through DLI. Its goal is to eliminate the educational achievement gap of the fastest growing school population in the United States— the Hispanic English Language Learner. 

The goals of ELL Studio are to help ELL Hispanic Students:

  1. Improve English proficiency
  2. Improve academic achievement
  3. Increase high school graduation rates
The Need

The Institute will advocate for family engagement in underserved communities across the United States through the following strategies:
  • Training and Education
a. Training seminars
  • Virtual Learning
a. Virtual Courses
  • Information Dissemination
a. Educational materials
  • Coalition Building
a. Networking/Connecting people
b. Information sharing
c. Alliances

The Need

The methodology of ELL Studio is to leverage emerging Web 2 technologies to provide districts, schools and classrooms with a cost-effective, internet-based, education management solution.

  1. Virtual - The ELL system is a secure, web-hosted, system, complete with the capacity to deliver scheduled live video-audio programming.

  2. Learning - ELL Studio has unique assessments and matches content to standards. Authors can build and deliver both self-study and live lessons. Teachers, students and parents can track and view real-time reports.

  3. Community - Roles define various members that include Administrators, Authors, Live Presenters, Teachers, Parents and Students. Members can view news, take surveys, post on forums and chat.
The Need

  1. La Comunidad Virtual - ELL Studio Virtual Community
  2. This program provides a School District or a School Building with an online Virtual Community which is your own ELL Studio consisting of Administrators, Content Authors, Live Presenters, Teachers, Parents and Students to communicate and collaborate online.

  3. Un Tutor en Casa - The Family Tutoring Program
  4. This program improves the achievement of at-risk elementary Hispanic ELL Students who are failing Language skills, (Grammar, Vocabulary), and Math or Science by supporting the Family, both the ELL student and the parent in the home with Live Video-Audio online tutoring sessions.

  5. Mobile Migrant Campus - The Migrant GED Program
  6. This program provides online instructional programs to non-graduating Migrant Students. The curriculum includes GED courses and practice assessments delivered via personal live video-audio tutoring.  Tutoring for each migrant youth is based on regular assessment results.

  7. Intercambio Virtual - The Cultural Exchange Program
  8. This program offers a “virtual” international language exchange program between Schools in the United States and Central America and South America.  Partner classrooms communicate with each other using LIVE Video-audio web sessions.

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