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The Need

The crisis in Latino educational achievement is vast and it is getting exponentially worse as the years go by. Juxtaposed against even the most conservative Latino population increase projections, the civil and social costs of these trends are catastrophic. Whether one considers this crisis to be a social, civil rights, moral, or a social justice issue, the end result is the same: Latino children are not being educated and they are being left behind in record numbers.

Past attempts to affect positive change for Latino children have often been distracted by clashes of personal ideologies, partisanship, and socio-economic status. A truly effective plan for serving the future of Latino children must transcend these boundaries and instead focus on fixing the system that is not serving Latinos well. Nonetheless, supporters of the cause of Latino children need not turn their backs on their personal ideology, political affiliations, education, or their affiliations.

The Diversity Leadership Institute proposes to learn how, together, diverse interests can agree to put the educational interests of children above all else.

Trust between parents and teachers is a vital element in building and maintaining the family–school relationship which is key to successful and effective schooling.

Research has demonstrated that the benefits of parent engagement in the educational system are multi-fold. When parents are involved, children gain. At the same time, parents benefit from engagement in their child's education. In addition to the direct benefits to children and parents of parental engagement, schools also benefit.

The Need

Educate and raise the consciousness of Latino Democrat Elected Officials and business leaders with information on the "state of education" of Latino children in the United States and the issues impacting the family engagement movement.

The Need

The Institute will advocate for family engagement in underserved communities across the United States through the following strategies:
  • Training and Education
a. Training seminars
  • Virtual Learning
a. Virtual Courses
  • Information Dissemination
a. Educational materials
  • Coalition Building
a. Networking/Connecting people
b. Information sharing
c. Alliances

The Need

Ultimately, the goal will be to excite Latino legislators about the crisis in education for Latino children and to educate and dispel the myths surrounding parental choice, so that they will be able to make more informed decisions as parental choice becomes a topic in their state.

The Diversity Leadership Institute aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Outreach to a minimum of thirty Latino Democrat elected officials in attendance every year at the Education Policy and Parental Choice Latino Democrat Elected Official seminar.
  2. Provide seminar participants with the latest data on the education achievement gap facing Hispanic children and the issues impacting the quality of education in America.
  3. Inform and educate participants about the various issues that are impacting the parental choice movement and the achievement of our children.
  4. Focus on the common ground between opposing factions to make the parental choice movement more bipartisan.
  5. Offer current data on existing options that are successful.
  6. Present case studies of the parental choice experiences of other states.
The Need

Education Policy and Parental Choice Latino Democrat Elected Official Seminar

The Education Policy and Parental Choice Latino Elected Official Seminar will bring together Latino Democrat state and local legislators from states with significant number of Latino representatives and in which the potential to collaborate with other parental choice allies are present.  This seminar will seek to engage the legislators in a dialogue about the state of affairs in the education of Hispanic children and the educational and financial implications of parental choice as an education reform option.

Over a two-day period, the legislators will be briefed about the education reform movement including charter schools, vouchers, tax-credits and public education options.  Additionally, it will provide the legislators with the latest in parental choice research and its impact for Latinos.

DLI is committed to annually convening elected Latino Democratic officials to create a national speakers’ network of those representatives who can: 1) speak across the country in support of parental choice as an education reform option; and/or 2) provide technical assistance to local and state efforts to create and expand parental choice programs.

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