Diversity Leadership Institute

The Diversity Leadership Institute's work to gain equity and access to education and preventive healthcare for all children and their families is guided by the following core beliefs:

Equity and Access
We believe that all children and their families should be afforded access to a quality education and adequate preparation in order to reach their full potential.

Transformational Change
We believe that the current crisis in education in underserved communities requires radical rethinking and redesigning of the existing educational and health structures, organizations and culture with the objective of achieving large-scale improvements in overall performance.

Sharing Power
We seek to expand access so that people may more fully contribute to their communities and share in the decision-making which affects their lives.
Family and Community Engagement
We believe that effectively engaging families and caregivers in the education of their children has the potential to be far more transformational than any other type of education reform, because parents are the best advocate for their children.

Cultural and Linguistic Competency
We believe that cultural competency and linguistic appropriateness are at the core of every family's life experience and is central to educational and health opportunities. We recognize native language as an asset to linguistic, cognitive and educational development.

Critical Friendship
We believe that commitment, trust and respect allow partnering organizations to offer constructive suggestions and advice in order to further positive change.

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