Diversity Leadership Institute


Founded in 2009, the Diversity Leadership Institute (DLI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancement in educational achievement in underserved communities.

Value Proposition

We believe that education enables individuals to recognize opportunities and make informed choices because building knowledge and capacity leads to self-sufficiency. Whether in advancing personal educational attainment or adopting healthier lifestyles, we recognize that knowledge is the key to capacitating people to improve their lives.

Furthermore, we realize that transformational social movements which have had a positive impact on Hispanics are most effective when the responsibility of leadership rests upon credible, Hispanic-led organizations with the capacity to work closely with allies of all races to reach common objectives.

The Diversity Leadership Institute works with schools in diverse, underserved communities to equip parents to take charge of their children’s education, by crossing cultural barriers, facilitating community partnerships, and promoting a long-term vision of academic success through high school and postsecondary education.

The Diversity Leadership Institute seeks to transform communities to empower and prepare students of all cultural backgrounds to pursue the form of postsecondary education that will help them achieve the American Dream.

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